Productive Systems manufacture punch type wadding machines (lining machines):

Punch Type Wadding Machines

This unit makes use of a punch and die type system, punching wads out of a roll of material directly into the cap.
An option of applying glue before inserting the wad is also available especially when wadding caps for the chemical industry.
We have also designed and manufactured cap assembling machines with wadding machines as a unit.

Assembling Machines

Keeping with new developments in the packaging industry and responding to customer needs, Productive Systems has developed machines following consumer demand. We introduce our range of cap assembling machines:

Two & Three Part Cap Assembling Machine

These units unscramble and assemble different parts of caps, i.e. pourer, shutter and/or dust cover to assemble them into the final product.


Cap Assembling Machine with Wad Insertion

A two part cap assembling unit incorporating a punch type wad or induction

seal unit to punch the liner into the cap after it has been assembled.

Cap Closing Machines

Closing flip-top caps in moulds are standard however it affects cycle times.

We supply a cap closing machine that closes the caps outside your injection

moulder allowing you to increase your cycle times.

Cap Wadding & Cap Assembling